International influence on a National icon

International influence on a National icon

National Homes‘ latest display, The Ashwood, which opened recently in Lexia Estate in Ellenbrook, is reminiscent of a relaxed holiday home with interior design inspiration sourced from movies, blogs and magazines.

In a first for National, the partnership with international designers, Coco Republic, is one which breaks away from the traditional furnishing style for the brand, according to National Homes’ General Manager Anthony Staltari.

“The Ashwood is a home which reflects the social side of the Australian lifestyle and it has been designed with many features which illustrate this,” said Anthony.

“It has a distinct resort style feel, and the furnishings, as well as the design will be certain to attract attention from discerning home buyers,” he added.

According to Jodie Kingman, Senior Designer at Coco Republic, the home has a distinct ‘resort style’ feel, not unlike a relaxed holiday home.

“We used different hues of blue, and mixed textures such as stones, wood and fibers, including rattan rope. We wanted people to get a good vibe about being in this home, whilst also having some aspirational elements to the house,” she said.

“There are a few key elements of the interior design starting with the wooden floorboards. The finish and colour are not ‘precious’, and work well with so many other aspects of the home. Wallpaper has also be used as a key element – graphic stripes in the theatre room provide a great backdrop for furniture and art, and a grass weave in the master bedroom adds personality and works well against white plantation shutters.”

When asked what her favourite design element of the Ashwood was, Jodie said the entry. “It’s lovely and wide and you feel instantly drawn into, and part of the interior. The high raking ceiling in the kitchen and alfresco really opens the area up, and unites the indoors and outdoors, with a subtle Asian influence.

“There’s a real practical element in considering what works and what doesn’t work when considering furnishings for the interior as well. The scale is important – with the Ashwood, the high ceilings mean you have plenty of space to work with, so don’t select pieces that are too small in scale. Flooring is the base for everything, so how you live will influence the type of flooring you should choose. Will it be considerate of noise with children and animals?

Window coverings are often forgotten, but they’re pretty fundamental in the initial design and budget. And finally, accessories and artwork are an integral part of the overall personality of the home, without these it just doesn’t look finished,” added Jodie.

The Ashwood display is located at Adlington Way, Ellenbrook. For more information on The Ashwood, please click here or speak to a New Home Design Consultant on 9214 1133.

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