Decorating Luxury Homes With The Latest Design Trends

Decorating Luxury Homes With The Latest Design Trends

When homeowners invest in luxury homes, they want them to reflect their own, personal style as well as the latest design trends.

Many flip through the pages of popular magazines and visit home shows to check out the current styles, but most of them don’t realise what a treasure trove of ideas display houses in their local area can be. Builders who regularly construct high-end houses always include the freshest home decorating ideas in their display models to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s savvy buyers. For fashionable inspiration, take a quick visit to the model homes in your area.

Floor Plans Reflect Modern Families’ Needs

Builders take the time to do their research and consult with architects before building new residences. They know the needs of couples and families have evolved over the years. Where distinct, separate rooms were once in high demand, houses with open floor plans are now preferred. Families want the versatility of open spaces to be used in a variety of ways as well as better traffic flow.

Display Homes Feature Upscale Materials

Residential housing contractors use display homes to showcase their finest work from the foundation to the accessories. Take the time to ask which materials are most often requested, then take a look around the model houses. Current finishes in high demand today include stainless steel appliances, stone feature walls, glass tile backsplashes and quartz or granite countertops. Raked ceilings and al fresco areas blending together with the interior for more usable space are also popular.


New Colour Schemes Can Transform Tired Rooms

Exciting colour schemes are always evident when you’re strolling through display houses because builders rely on interior designers who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in interior design. Currently, unexpected colour combinations such as yellow and gray or navy and terra cotta are getting noticed. Neutrals are also very much in vogue in luxury homes, but bold touches of accent colours such as lime green on a single wall, are used to keep things lively. Try out a colour combination you wouldn’t normally use or add a few brightly patterned accessories in your home to shake things up and get rid of the tired look you’ve grown used to.

The Difference Is In The Details

Owners of luxurious houses know the difference between a ho-hum room and one with a definite “Wow!” factor is often a well-placed accessory. Rather than filling all available surfaces with a variety of small knick-knacks, take your cue from display homes, which have one striking accessory as the focal point in each room. It could be a beautiful sculpture, a vivid painting or an antique chair; there are nearly endless possibilities.
Once you’ve incorporated a few of the design ideas from display houses in your own dwelling, you can relax in your beautiful surroundings, secure in the notion others are now using your house as their standard for what the phrase “luxury homes” truly means.

Our Signature Display Homes

Check out our Signature Display Homes and see how they’re all built in a specific way to make the most of the West Australian climate and give you the most for your money. What’s more, if you’re a first time buyer, we’ve explained all those complicated terms used in real estate.

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