Decorating Kids’ Rooms That Grow With The Family

Decorating Kids’ Rooms That Grow With The Family

Decorating your luxury home in Perth may be a dream come true for you. If you’ve recently purchased one of National Homes’ home and land packages in Perth, you no doubt look forward to creating a home interior as gorgeous as the ones in our display homes.

But what about your children’s rooms? Don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to decorate your children’s rooms with style without your home looking like a day care center. Keep our tips in mind to create rooms designed to appeal to your children while still feeling elegant.

Choose Elegant Colour Palettes

Luxury homes in Perth tend to fall into two colour categories: either soft, subdued hues such as ivory or deep, rich shades such as eggplant or mocha. These are gender neutral and aren’t too childish the way pinks and blues can be. Also avoid primary, crayon box colors unless they are used in small doses to accent a room.

Use Versatile Furnishings For Luxury Homes In Perth

Bunk beds can be split into separate beds as your children age and will give you the versatility to create loft beds for older kids, giving them more floor space for activities or a great location to tuck in a desk for studying. Night tables and ottomans doubling as storage will keep rooms clutter-free. Rather than investing in a changing table for the nursery, look for a sleek dresser the appropriate height, and use the top. Add a changing pad for now, it can be removed when your child is out of diapers. Avoid using furniture too cutesy to be appreciated by tweens and teens.

Artwork & Accessories

If it sounds like the children’s rooms in luxury homes in Perth don’t have any youthful elements in them, don’t fret. Artwork and accessories are two ways where you can let your childhood imagination run wild because these elements are easy to change out. Unique lamps, colorful toy storage baskets, artwork with youthful themes and vibrant area rugs can all add whimsical details your kids will love. As they get older, these items can easily be replaced with elements more appropriate to their ages.

For more ideas, visit the display homes for our home and land packages in Perth, particularly those with three or more bedrooms. These houses will have bedrooms decorated for children while retaining a stylish edge.

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