Create a home that suits every season

Create a home that suits every season

With the winter weather well on the way, it’s time to consider whether the houses you’ve been viewing would still match your lifestyle in the colder months. If you love evening entertaining, it’s all about the floor plan and styling. It doesn’t matter how big or small a space is, as long as it flows and can be adapted throughout the year. It’s time to escape the cold of winter and curl up in a nice place you can call home.

Making the most of your floor plan –

Although an outdoor decked area or beautiful balcony really adds to your property in the summer months, don’t forget to consider where your guests will shelter if it decides to rain. Either adding an awning and outdoor heater to convert your space into a cosy retreat in the winter weather, or making sure your indoor space can be tailored to the time of year. Thinking of having an open plan kitchen with an island? Why not consider a movable kitchen bench? This way, if things get a little crowded, you can just re-organise the furniture to create more space.

All out in the open

Open plan can be ideal for when the whole family are enjoying time together, but you may want to consider somewhere for guests and family members alike to go for time to relax. An activity room, theatre or home study is perfect for all ages and just means you can close a door on what’s going on just a few feet away.
Don’t worry if you don’t have the space or budget to add another room onto your floor plan. There are also lots of solutions to get around it. Although wide, open spaces can feel a bit cold and uninviting, that doesn’t necessarily mean all open plan homes give off the same vibe. Using your furniture to form little nooks can often create a nice, restful atmosphere. Another lovely way to break up space is by adding a cute reading corner, simply choose a big comfy chair, some cute cushions or even make a nest by combining some small couches in the living room. Indoor picnics are also great fun when it is too cold outside, a nice rug and a couple of cushions is all you need.

A home built for the heat

In this climate, it has become even more important to make sure your home is an inviting place to be as the cold sets in. Remember, you’ll probably spend more time at home than anywhere else in the winter months. Although many Western Australian houses tend to be built to keep cool – there is more to being cosy than just being warm.

It’s a great idea to invest in a few throw rugs or blankets and keep them in your living room. Snuggling under a blanket after a cold day out is the perfect way to warm up of an evening. Not only that, but if you keep cosy using a cover, you’ll also save money on heating bills – turn down the thermostat and put on an extra layer.

Seasonal styling

The styling of your home in winter and summer tends to be slightly different. A few small tweaks can make a big difference. Summer is all about creating a resort-like feel oppose to a warm and welcoming home on a winters day. Simply hold onto a few key accessories and change the layout as suggested throughout the year.

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