Artwork Enhances The Beauty Of Our Display Homes In Perth

Artwork Enhances The Beauty Of Our Display Homes In Perth

Potential home buyers often tour our display homes in Perth before choosing a floor plan for their own house. It’s a great way to discover several options for layout, size and even design elements such as artwork or sculptures to add a personal touch to your finished home.

Because we know that your house will become your haven, we take the time to make each one of our display homes in Perth a true gem.

Why Artwork Is So Important In Our Display Homes In Perth

Have you ever visited someone’s house and felt that it was cold or impersonal? It may be because the walls were all blank canvases with no artwork to add texture, colour or visual interest. A house with wide stretches of unbroken white can seem stark and uninviting. When you tour our display homes in Perth, you’ll immediately be drawn to the “finishing touches” that make a house a home, including photographic prints, original paintings and textural wallpapers.

Adding Drama With Colour And Graphics

Bold colours and graphics used in our model homes in Perth can easily be used in your new home to reflect your contemporary style and love of colour. Or if you prefer something more subdued for an elegant touch, you can hang a reproduction of a traditional oil painting. To add texture, choose artwork that’s also functional such as a hand woven throw or a beautifully sculpted clay pot that can double as a vase for fresh flowers.

Using Our Model Homes In Perth As Inspiration

Feel free to visit several of our model homes in Perth for decorating inspiration, taking the artwork we’ve used and making it your own. We’ve put lots of time and effort into creating a beautiful oasis in each one of our models so that our home buyers don’t have to imagine the finished product when they’re ready to buy or build. In fact, we love it when visitors ask us where we found the artwork that transforms our model homes in Perth into true homes because it means we’ve done our jobs right!

Our Signature Display Homes

Check out our Signature Display Homes and see how they’re all built in a specific way to make the most of the West Australian climate and give you the most for your money. What’s more, if you’re a first time buyer, we’ve explained all those complicated terms used in real estate.

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