Working With Home Builders In Perth To Demolish And Rebuild Your Home

Working With Home Builders In Perth To Demolish And Rebuild Your Home

Suppose you want a bigger home. Maybe your children, once small and able to share a room, are grown and no longer able to do so. Perhaps your in-laws are now living under your roof, making your house feel cramped. Or maybe you’ve accumulated a large number of belongings and need a place to store them.

Whatever your reason for wanting more space, you have 3 basic options.

  • You can sell your house and buy a larger one
  • You can renovate to add extra room to your house
  • Or You can demolish and rebuild it.

For many families, the latter option is ideal. Read through the following reasons and see whether any of them match your own circumstances.

6 Reasons To Demolish And Rebuild Your Home

Knocking down your luxury home and rebuilding it – literally from the ground up – may seem drastic. But doing so might make sense depending on your preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Consider the following:

#1 – It could be more affordable.

One of the reasons luxury home prices have climbed in recent years is because of the rising value of the underlying land. A knockdown and rebuild lets you avoid paying the premium you would pay if you were to relocate and you only have to mortgage the cost of the build.

#2 – You like your location.

After living in the same area for a number of years, you’ve probably grown accustomed to it. You know where everything in your community is located, including restaurants, food stores, and service stations. Relocating essentially means starting over. A knockdown and rebuild means you get all the benefits of a brand new home in the same spot!

#3 – Your kids attend local schools.

Relocating could mean having to withdraw your kids from their current schools. Unfortunately, doing so can wreak havoc with their studies and friendships. If you demolish and rebuild your home, your children can continue to attend their normal classes.

#4 – You like your neighbours.

The longer you live in the same house, the stronger are the bonds you make with your neighbours. Many long-time homeowners count their neighbours among their oldest friends, regularly inviting them over for dinner and get-togethers.

#5 – You don’t want to pay stamp duty.

If you sell your property and relocate, you’ll likely fall prey to stamp duty. It’s a tax that’s levied at the state or territory level. It varies from state to state – or territory to territory – and can amount to thousands of dollars. When builders demolish and rebuild new homes in Perth, the properties’ owners avoid the tax.

#6 – You get to breathe new life into your home.

Look around your luxury home. You’ll probably see a number of items that you’d like to replace. During the course of a knockdown and rebuild, you can address outdated fittings, unattractive colours, and old flooring, appliances, and other features.

If you like your location, love your neighbours but want to revamp your current home get a quality home builder in Perth to demolish and rebuild your home.

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