How To Use Creative Lighting To Enhance Luxury Homes In Perth

How To Use Creative Lighting To Enhance Luxury Homes In Perth

Lighting serves multiple purposes. Different types of lighting are designed to accommodate specific needs. The right type employed in the right spot can create stunning, if subtle, effects that make a lasting impression.

Many individuals who buy luxury homes in Perth lack a solid lighting plan for their homes. They tend to focus solely on illumination while neglecting style and décor.

Three distinct types of lighting – ambient, task, and accent lighting – should play a part in every room. Used properly, they can enhance the allure of your luxury home and underscore its best qualities.

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Use Ambient Lighting To Brighten A Room

Ambient lighting has a simple purpose – it is used to illuminate a space. It is the most basic type of lighting, designed to create consistency within a room.

This type of lighting allows you to walk through a room without bumping into things. It doesn’t produce glare. Instead, it provides a comfortable level of brightness that promotes a relaxed environment.

Ambient light can be produced by a variety of sources. For example, you can install track lights, recessed lights, chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures, and even use floor lamps. Every room should have at least one of these sources.

Use Task Lighting For Focused Illumination

Task lighting is used to brighten a specific area of a room to support certain activities. For example, you might enjoy reading while sitting on your living room couch. Or you may need bright light over a segment of your kitchen benchtop to prepare meals.

Task lighting provides the needed illumination. Whether you’re applying makeup in your bathroom, reading in your home office, or playing a board game with your family, it minimises eyestrain.

This type of lighting can be generated by table lamps, floor lamps, track lights, or under cabinet lights. Because you have numerous options at your disposal, you can illuminate the space in which you’re working without disrupting its décor.

Use Accent Lighting To Add Visual Flair

Accent lighting is used for aesthetics. Unlike ambient light, which provides a consistent level of brightness for moving through a room safely, and task lighting, which provides light for specific activities, accent lighting has mostly cosmetic value. It’s used to highlight certain features in a room.

For example, you might want to emphasise the fireplace and mantle in your living room. You may want to call attention to a small sculpture sitting on your dining room table. Or you might want showcase a piece of art hanging on the wall in your hallway. Accent lighting, produced by wall-mounted sconces, recessed lights, and spot lights, can be used to draw attention to these design elements.

Most rooms would be well-served with multiple layers of light. Ambient lighting provides a foundation of comfortable, glare-free illumination. Task lighting brightens specific areas of a room to allow for select activities. Accent lighting accentuates certain design elements. All 3 serve distinct purposes.

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