Sliding, Bifold, Stacked Doors For New Homes In Perth

Sliding, Bifold, Stacked Doors For New Homes In Perth

When designing a new home, Perth homebuyers should know that interior doors make a big impression. Homeowners need to consider space, access, frequency of use, and personal style when choosing doors. Here we’ll look at some options that exist in addition to the standard interior doors.

How To Choose The Right Interior Doors

Traditional interior doors, whether solid or French, need room to open. When planning new homes, Perth homebuyers should take into account surrounding space, where furniture will be located, and where the door will be placed in relation to the walls of the room. If glass doors are under consideration, home buyers should look for types of glass that open up a room while lowering energy bills and protecting contents from fading.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors usually consist of two doors mounted on a track. Because the doors slide to the left or right to open, less floor space is required for opening the door. Sliding doors can provide a wide room entry in a space that cannot be easily configured to accommodate a standard panel door that swings open. Sliding glass doors also offer the advantage of opening up an interior living space to an adjacent patio or garden area, so that indoor and outdoor areas flow smoothly into each other. In addition, glass doors bring light into the interior of new homes in Perth, which makes the interior space seem larger.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors include two interior doors that are hinged together, and open outward to fold into each other in an accordion configuration. These doors are mounted and hung from a track across the top of the door frame. Bifold interior doors are most often located in small areas of new homes in Perth, and are chosen because they do not require a large area of floor space for the door to swing open. Bedrooms and offices are a popular spot for bifold doors.

Stacked Doors

Stacked doors provide homeowners with a visually stunning means to bring the outdoors in. These entryways are made up of stacked panels that slide within the door frame, which provides a seamless walkway from one area of a house to another, or from inside to outside. Stacked doors allow you to open a large wall up to an outside living area, or transform a private area into an open floor plan, and come in multiple configurations. Stacked doors make a statement, while allowing one room to open into another area in new homes in Perth.

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