Seasonal Garden Maintenance Enhances New Homes In Perth

Seasonal Garden Maintenance Enhances New Homes In Perth

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to get your garden ready for autumn. Garden experts recommend thorough maintenance to keep your garden looking gorgeous through all seasons, because a well-kept landscape helps highlight the beauty of new homes. In Perth, gardeners should start tidying up summer growth to prepare for the season ahead. Autumn is also a great time to add new plants, as soil is still warm so root growth can get a head-start on winter.


Trees have enjoyed uninhibited growth in the warm summer months, so April is a perfect time for pruning. If you have citrus or other fruit trees, be sure to wait until all trees are finished fruiting. Then it’s time to prune back based on how much shade you desire, and how surrounding trees and plants are being impacted. In addition, you may want to think ahead to next summer and look at spots in which you would like more shade. Early autumn is a good time to add trees to provide privacy and reduce the electric bill of new homes. Perth homeowners can reap the benefits of well-placed trees for years to come.

Herbs, Fruits, And Vegetables

Although your herb garden may look a bit tired toward the end of summer, it’s the perfect time to spruce it up. Cut back herbs like rosemary, sage, mint, and chives. If you’re still waiting for summer heat to fully dissipate, be sure to focus on quick-growing veggies until cooler weather comes along and you can focus on cool-season vegetables, like winter lettuce and spinach. Autumn is also a great time to start strawberry plants for harvest later in the year. Home owners should also replenish garden soil with some nutrient-rich compost, once the summer harvest is completed.

Fertilising and Mulching

Once you’ve cut back overgrowth, weeded, and composted, it’s time to take a few more steps to prepare your garden for autumn. Autumn garden maintenance should include a healthy dose of fertiliser in order to encourage and protect the landscapes of new homes. Perth gardeners should look for natural fertilisers low in nitrogen that are useful for multiple plants. Finally, mulching the garden will retain moisture and inhibit weed growth. Mulch should be applied no more than a few inches thick.

Beautiful gardens undoubtedly enhance the value of new homes in Perth, and autumn is the perfect season in which to prune, introduce new compost, add plants, fertilise, and mulch.

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