Romantic Master Bedroom Spaces

Romantic Master Bedroom Spaces

The master bedroom is sometimes the most neglected room in a home. Sparking a little romance in this private space often takes just a few simple changes to the decor.

Add Some Luxury: Create your own five-star bedroom retreat with luxurious comforters and high quality cotton or stain sheets. Animal prints, faux furs,tassels and beaded trims add a sense of luxury to the bed. Adding more pillows to the bed is also a great way to make your master bedroom look and feel more romantic. Choose a variety of shapes, colours, and textures but make sure that they all match the bedding.

Bedroom Lighting: Installing a dimmer on the overhead light will allow the adjustment of lighting for a better mood. Candles are a must for any romantic bedroom. The soft glow of a warm candle is flattering to the skin, and instantly creates a romantic mood. Aside from their lovely light, candles can also offer a soft scent, to further enhance the ambience of the space. The scents of ylang ylang and cinnamon, among others, are thought to boost a romantic mood. Just don’t forget to blow the candles out before you go to sleep!

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Romantic colours: Choosing a colour scheme is especially important when creating a romantic master bedroom. Colours should be calm and soothing, such as pale greens, blues and light creams. Bright colours can create tension, and should be avoided.

Dress The WindowsConsider dressing the windows up with a silk sash, pretty curtain rod, or with sheer curtains that will gently billow with the slightest breeze.

And lastly, don’t forget to banish the television – there is nothing less romantic than watching TV in bed!

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