Popular Flooring Choices Of Display Homes In Perth

Popular Flooring Choices Of Display Homes In Perth

When you tour display homes in Perth, you might see a considerable amount of timber flooring throughout, but hardwood is but one of many popular choices you will observe. Homebuyers want style and comfort, durability and practicality, and in our environmentally conscious society, look toward materials that are sustainable.

Questions Homeowners Asked About Flooring

Modern flooring choices address the emerging needs and desires of consumers who ask themselves many questions about what they expect from their flooring. “When my foot hits the floor in the morning, what type of surface do I want to feel?” “What type of surface do I want to be standing on when I’m preparing food in the kitchen or emerging from the bath?” “Do I want my flooring to make an environmental statement?” The type of flooring you choose for your home depends on your answers to these questions.

Popular Flooring Trends In Perth

Aside from timber, what choices are popular underfoot these days?

Carpet: Carpeting is still the most popular floor covering according to the Carpet Institute of Australia. Warm underfoot, carpeting also has insulation properties that make your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as quieter. Available in numerous colours and styles, carpeting complements decor. Modern carpet products are easy to clean and reduce the amount of dust in the air by half, according to studies by the German Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

With all these desirable characteristics, carpeting is an increasingly green choice. Recycled carpeting is popular among designers, but you can buy any carpet with an ACCS environmental rating that measures variables such as product emissions, toxicity of materials, and the greenness of the manufacturing process.

Cork:  A sustainable material that replenishes itself every five years, natural cork has moved from use in hospitals and libraries to homes over the past few years. When properly finished, it is resilient and durable, while its natural “spring” makes it comfortable to stand on in the kitchen or throughout the home. Cork offers a colour palette that ranges from light orange brown to deep mahogany, so it complements any decor. Its natural antifungal, antibacterial, and insect resistant properties make it a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and alfresco areas as long as you wipe up spills and caulk the perimeter of the room to prevent mould growth.

Concrete: Polished concrete gives a trendy industrial flare to modern open concept homes. A far cry from the dull grey component of parking yards, concrete floors can be enlivened with a variety of colours and textures to complement any decorating scheme. Though newly laid concrete floors have a negative ecological impact since they use newly made cement, the concrete floors that many homes already have underneath carpets or linoleum can be transformed into a beautiful flooring surface by staining or painting them. On the downside, the surface is hard to stand on and unyielding if you trip or drop a dish, but area rugs can soften the surface.

Laminate: No longer a cheap wood wanna-be, laminate is the new darling of the flooring market. Durable and resilient, laminate offers exceptional value, which accounts for its increasing popularity. The product offers unique designs that resemble timber, poured concrete, tile, and other high-end finishes, which makes laminate floors popular in new construction and residential replacement. Sensitive to environmental concerns, the laminate flooring industry is actively working to be “greener” in its manufacturing application.

See Flooring Trends In Display Homes In Perth

As you visit display homes in Perth, you will see many of the most current trends in flooring installed in the homes. You can customize your home with whatever flooring choice that appeals to your sense of style.

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