Pool trends for 2012

Pool trends for 2012

Get inspired and take a look at some of the most exciting trends in swimming pool design for 2012.

Gone are the days of kidney-shaped or rectangular swimming pools. The past 12-months have seen the humble backyard pool resemble a vacation or spa retreat with amazing features that add beauty and intrigue, state-of-the-art designs and lush landscaping to create a holistic experience for home owners.

pool trends 2012

These trends continue into 2012 with a move towards home and pool integration. Blending seamlessly with your outdoor entertaining area, the pool is striking centerpiece and a place to escape from the world.

Innovative designs: Today’s pools incorporate innovative features that change the way pools are used. Beach entries allow swimmers to wade in and eliminate the need for stairs or ladders; infinity edges are perfect for pools with a view; while wading areas and swim up bars allow bathers to enjoy a new type of ‘shallow’ end.

Back to nature: Pools are being designed with the natural landscape in mind. Neutral colour tones are combined with the elements of water, fire and earth. Fire adds a dramatic flair to poolscapes; boulders and rock formations create a more natural looking environment, while waterslides, fountains and cascades create an element of playful tranquility.

Energy efficient: As energy costs rise, so does our desire to find more efficient ways to maintain and heat our pools. Solar-heating and pool covers are becoming the norm while variable speed pumps specifically designed for Australian conditions are proving to be energy efficient, high performance solutions to circulating water.

A pool for every space: As housing blocks get smaller, lap pools and plunge pools continue to gain popularity in order to maximise the use of outdoor living areas. Sleek and stylish, they can nestle in just about anywhere and are perfect for a quick hot summer cool off.

The Calibre by National Homes is the perfect design if your looking to integrate a pool into your new home. Designed to make the most of views to the rear, the stunning open plan living area incorporates a gourmet kitchen, dining and family space that overlooks a beautiful alfresco. A pool would be a magnificent addition to this stylish home, with it’s rear living allowing you to create a truly spectacular backyard retreat.

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