Perth Luxury Home Builders: Choosing a House Design For Your Block

Perth Luxury Home Builders: Choosing a House Design For Your Block

Choosing a house design to meet your lifestyle and needs may seem overwhelming and time consuming, but getting it right is the key to making your home feel comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

When choosing your floorplan it’s important the design not only satisfies your individual needs but also fits your block, is environmentally sensitive and meets your budget.

So where do you start? The first step is to write down your must haves and ‘wish list’. Think carefully about what you really need as good designs that don’t waste space hold their value better.

Next consider what phase of life you are in and what your plans for the future are. Are you single? Or are you newly married and want a family in the future? Do you need more space or are you looking at downsizing?

How do you like to entertain? Do you want a dinning room and traditional living room for large formal entertaining, or do you prefer small, relaxed family get-togethers?

Another important aspect is to have adequate storage space. How many closets are there in the house? What about a pantry and cabinets? Having enough closets in a house will cut down on the clutter factor.

A home that is naturally comfortable and energy smart can also make a huge difference to not only the feel of your home but also to your pocket. Savings can be considerable if your home is designed to minimise wasted space and be energy wise.

Lastly consider how you plan to use your outdoor space with features such as decks, patios, pools and porches. Landscaping plays an important factor in meeting your lifestyle needs and creating privacy.

For more helpful tips, try our interactive home selector tool to discover the home design that suits your lifestyle.

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