Perth Home Designs: Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Splashback

Perth Home Designs: Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Splashback

Cooking is messy work. Despite one’s efforts to keep surrounding surfaces clean, remnants – both food and liquid forms – inevitably end up on nearby walls.

It’s inescapable. That’s why luxury homes in Perth are designed with splashbacks. They do much more than merely add colour and style to your kitchen. They protect the walls from unsightly messes and damage.

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You have a number of options when it comes to choosing a splashback for your kitchen. Some involve its design while others involve the material from which it is made. We’ll cover them below so you can make an informed decision when choosing this essential piece of your kitchen.

Designing Your Splashback To Suit The Space

Just because a splashback’s main purpose is to protect your walls doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and aesthetics when selecting one. Why not pick one that complements the space?

For example, if the benchtop on which you normally prepare food is constructed of red tiles, extend that design to the nearby walls. You’ll give your kitchen a sense of stylistic consistency. If the room boasts a modern air thanks to the presence of stainless steel elements, make sure that same tone is reflected in your splashback.

Kitchen Splashback Materials: Which Should You Choose?

The most common material used is tile. Homeowners choose it because it has an appealing look and is relatively inexpensive. The downside involves the grout that separates the individual tiles. Oil spatters and other debris land in the grout and remain there, making the entire wall look dingy.

Another popular medium is stone. It’s much more expensive than tile, but offers a more sophisticated look. That’s the reason it’s found in many luxury homes in Perth. The important thing to remember with stone is that it can absorb select substances. For that reason, promptly clean off any liquids that manage to land on it.

If neither tile nor stone match the look you want for your kitchen, consider stainless steel. Not only does it have a clean, state-of-the-art appearance, but it’s easy to wipe down. In addition, you can opt for a brushed surface that conceals scratches and minor dents.

Many homeowners select glass for their splashbacks. Although the medium is translucent, it comes with a painted background. Easy to wipe down like stone and boasting a clean look like stainless steel, glass is fast becoming one of the most popular materials for splashbacks.

Choosing The Right Colour For Your Kitchen

Selecting a colour is largely a matter of matching the colours already found throughout the rest of your kitchen. The key point to keep in mind is that the colour you choose will have a major influence on your kitchen’s overall theme. It can give the room a needed splash of personality or work against the existing theme.

Neutral colours are usually safe. But bolder colours may do a better job of complementing the space.

Part function and part form, your splashback will play an important role in the appearance and practicality of your kitchen. National Homes, one of the top luxury home builders in Perth, understands that a beautiful kitchen makes for a comfortable one.

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