Optimum Lighting For New Home Designs: Perth Homebuyers Maximise Beauty With Proper Lighting

Optimum Lighting For New Home Designs: Perth Homebuyers Maximise Beauty With Proper Lighting

In modern homes, lighting is no longer simply about function, but is a central part of a quality design plan. Proper lighting can make or break a room, changing drab and dark to warm and cosy. Take a look at your options in lighting in new home designs. Perth homebuyers can take their new homes to the next level with great lighting.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Lighting

Always look at the scale of a room as you consider proper lighting. Rooms with lower ceilings should be lit with short lamps or feature built-in flush-mounted fixtures. If you’re lighting a home office, use direct lighting. Areas that you would use for entertaining should feature softer light, such as that provided by a sconce, while areas like bathrooms need much more direct light, particularly around the vanity.

When choosing bulbs, homeowners who want to save on energy costs can choose from LED bulbs, which offer soft lighting and are now dimmable, flourescent bulbs or tube lighting, or halogen bulbs for bright light in dark areas.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is continually popular with home designers. Perth homes that feature light fixtures installed into a hollow ceiling opening enjoy a concentration of light in a particular direction, which can be as narrow or wide as desired. Numerous trim styles diffuse and direct light, in order to make a room more comfortable and relaxed, or to help a homeowner focus on a specific task when needed.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are often featured in the kitchens of new homes. Perth homeowners can enjoy these decorative highlights, in which two or three matching pendants are placed over a sink, island, or stove. Pendants offer homeowners a means to express their style through versatile design while obtaining needed task lighting, and can range from old-fashioned looking lanterns, to industrial, contemporary metals.

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the center of the home, and in busy kitchens, proper lighting is crucial to comfort. There are several options for kitchen lighting in home designs. Perth home builders can include the installation of up lights on cabinet tops to highlight your ceiling, quality undercounter lighting to make countertops visible, and task lighting over an island or hood lights over a stove.

With attention to lighting design, you can ensure your new home is comfortable and functional. To attain the best lighting that showcases your home at its best, home buyers need to choose exclusive new home designs. Perth home builder National Homes builds homes that meet your needs for luxury, quality, and style, incorporating the latest trends in lighting.

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