New Homes In Perth Offer A Perfect Downsizing Solution

New Homes In Perth Offer A Perfect Downsizing Solution

You may have spent the better part of your adult life thinking that a bigger house meant you were doing something right. As your career blossomed, your salary grew. Along the way came the trappings of success: nicer vehicles, better schools for your kids, and yes, a larger home.

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But a lot of people have begun to question this trend, especially as they find themselves in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Their needs have changed. Many of them have decided to downsize, buying and moving into smaller new homes in Perth.

Not sure if doing so is the right move for you? Read on for 3 reasons that make a compelling case for downsizing your home.

#1 – Your Kids Have Left Your Home

If you’ve raised a family, you know firsthand how much space children need. Regardless of how big your home is, they somehow always manage to find their way underfoot. And as they grow and enter their teenage years, their need for space (and privacy) grows with them.

But they eventually leave the nest. When they do, their absence can make a large house seem large and empty. For parents with grown children, downsizing can be an ideal solution to reduce wasted space and declutter your life.

#2 – Smaller Homes Cost Less To Run

Large houses cost a bundle to heat and cool. They also cost more to keep well-lit and generally maintain. Higher energy costs are one of the big disadvantages to living in a big home.

Moving into a smaller luxury home allows you to save money. That gives you more financial flexibility, you can use to travel, purchase a new vehicle, or fund your retirement.

#3 – Smaller Homes Are Easier To Clean

How long does it take you to clean your house? If it’s big; vacuuming, dusting, and washing the windows might require the entire day. Add gardening to the list, and now you’re committed for the entire weekend. And that doesn’t even include sweeping the garage or mopping the kitchen.

Smaller houses require far less upkeep and maintenance than larger ones. As you get older it can become more difficult to keep up with the home maintenance so it may be time to contact luxury home builders in Perth who specialise in building smaller, cosier, luxury properties. Opt instead for a simple lock up and leave so you can take up those bargin-priced vacation packages at a moments notice.

For a compact luxury home that accommodates your lifestyle, explore our Inspiration Series of home designs. Downsizing doesn’t mean compromising on quality.

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