New Designs Perth: Modern Kitchen Designs

New Designs Perth: Modern Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is the heart of a home and is also one of the most important features that people consider when buying or building a new home. Your kitchen should be warm and inviting, while being practical and functional. By using smart designs and layouts you can create a space for your home that is user friendly, makes effective use of the space provided, and forms a central gathering place for family and friends to talk and enjoy good food together.

When designing your kitchen you should consider what aspects of the layout and design are most important to you. Is there a lack of light? Do you need more bench space? Would you rather a pantry instead of cupboards? Are there enough power sockets? Is the sink big enough? Getting these things right is going to make using your kitchen much more enjoyable. To help you with the design, installation packages can be useful as they are created with functionality in mind and will save you time and worry when considering your layout. Don’t be too worried about your existing configuration either- it is often a lot easier than you would think to reposition water pipes, electric cables, gas lines, walls and windows.

When you consider your new layout consider the work that you do in your kitchen. It is often useful to create a ‘work triangle’ with your sink, fridge and oven/cooktop- make it easy to go between these spots. The sink is normally placed under a window so you have the best lighting in this area. It is often the part of your kitchen that consumes the most space so allow for that. Next position your stove. When you have this decided you should place your workspace between the stove and sink so you can easily go between the two spaces, carrying things without spreading too much mess. If you’re installing a dishwasher, place it next to the cutlery drawer and cupboards where you house your crockery and position it in a place where you will have ample space to load and unload it.

A lot of people are choosing to put kitchen islands in as their workspaces, and these can double as a kitchen table by pulling a couple of stools up. Good working height benches should measure in at around 80-95cm so users don’t strain their back and eyes bending over. In terms of materials for bench tops, stone has always been popular, but now laminates are growing in popularity as a cheaper alternative that exist in a number of colours and textures. Since the global financial crisis there has been a great rise in the popularity of new, cost-effective, yet hard-wearing products such as these laminates. Neutral bench tops are well matched with monochromatic cabinetry. White cabinetry, in particular, is timeless and can be brightened up with colourful splashbacks which are easily changed after a few years if your tastes alter. Glass and tile splashbacks provide a number of different styles and textures and are so easy to clean and maintain which is very useful for the kitchen workspace.

In designing your kitchen make sure you create a room that you will enjoy spending time in. Designed the way you like it, your new kitchen will bring about new enjoyment to the experience of cooking. It will also provide a place that the whole family will gravitate to, really making the kitchen the heart of your home.

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