Luxury Homes In Perth Can Be Outfitted With A Bathroom Spa

Luxury Homes In Perth Can Be Outfitted With A Bathroom Spa

Think back to the last time you went to a spa. You probably felt completely relaxed and devoid of stress. The spa’s serene environment likely indulged a number of your senses. Soft lighting, gentle music, and aromatic scents may have been part of the experience.

Is there a way you can enjoy the same experience at home? Is it possible for you to recreate that professional spa-like ambiance in your bathroom?

The answer is yes. Luxury homes in Perth provide an ideal setting for a bathroom oasis. With a few additions and alterations to your master bath, you can turn the space into a personal sanctum that embodies the best attributes of a professional spa.

Titillate Your Senses For A Relaxing Spa-Like Experience

Light some scented candles that release a calming aroma. Lavender is known for its ability to relieve stress. Rosemary has a reputation for lifting one’s mood. Eucalyptus is often used to alleviate headaches while sandalwood is useful for calming the nerves.

Next, dim the lights. Bright lights are inconsistent with a relaxing atmosphere. By contrast, studies show that soft lighting soothes the nerves, and makes one feel calmer.

Put on your favourite music. Like lighting, music has a considerable influence on our mood. Slow songs can make us melancholic while fast songs increase our stress levels. Soft, quiet music in the background can help form the backdrop of your in-house oasis.

Use Soft, Earthy Tones In Place Of Glaring White

White is commonly used in bathrooms. It’s clean and fresh. It also a “safe” colour since every other tone matches it. The problem is, white has a stark, glaring quality that makes it difficult to relax.

Use soft tones in place of white. Beiges and light browns are far more soothing. Other good choices are tan, chestnut, and caramel.

Install Dimmer Switches That Allow More Lighting Control

A dimmer switch gives you control over the output of your bathroom’s lighting. Rather than flipping a switch on and off, you can adjust the lights to half their normal output or less. Dimming them helps to create a relaxing ambiance. Together with scented candles, soft music, and earthy colours, it makes your bathroom feel more like a professional spa.

Although many people hire contractors to install dimmer switches, it’s a relatively simple task you can do on your own. Just be sure to turn off the power at the fuse box before doing the installation.

Fill Your Bathroom With Green Plants

Green plants are practically a staple in professional spas. They have a positive effect on mood, calming one’s nerves, reducing stress, and making one feel more optimistic. They also help to purify the surrounding air, improve focus, and can even fight common colds.

Add several green plants of varying sizes to your bathroom. You’ll find that they make it easier to unwind and ditch stress as you relax in your tub.

Few luxury homes in Perth come with a built-in professional spa. But that doesn’t mean you’re without options. Use the suggestions above to enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.

If you’re considering buying a luxury home and have plans to install a spa, visit National Homes to explore an updated collection of quality properties.

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