Luxury Homes Perth 11 Questions to ask your Interior Designer

Luxury Homes Perth 11 Questions to ask your Interior Designer

If you’ve just moved into your new luxury home Perth or are looking to re-vamp your existing space, you might consider hiring a professional interior designer to assist you. However the task of choosing and hiring someone can be as challenging as undertaking the actual work yourself. By asking a few key questions you can ensure that you find the right designer to create the design of your dreams.

Do they have a portfolio complete with “before and after” photos?

Before and after photos will demonstrate how a designer works with old spaces to create new features – plus you’ll get a great sense of the designer’s imagination.

Are their past customers happy?

Ask for testimonials or referrals, and speak directly to past clients. If they’re not happy, you might not be!

Is the designer properly insured and registered?

Any work over $5000 in value requires a builder’s contract, and the project manager must be properly registered. If the work is worth more than $12000, they should have Home Warranty Insurance protecting you from any issues.

Can your designer manage your project?

Is your designer experienced at managing entire projects? Check with them to find out their methods, and ask others about prior experience with the designer. There are many aspects of the project to consider such as a wise use of space, the right creation of atmosphere and the creation of a visually appealing room. A good designer will be able to bring this all together effortlessly.

Is your designer really a designer?

In most cases a designer who is a member of an industry body – like the Design Institute of Australia – is the real deal. Industry bodies have minimum standards for qualifications, performance and experience.

Have they got a grip on more than just a fancy art set?

A good designer is engaged with the tradespeople who will put your project together and can assure you that their vision is viable. Pretty pictures are one thing, but the finished project is what really counts.

Is there depth on the bench?

Good executions of good designs are performed by good tradespeople. Find out if the designer you’re considering has a good relationship with a team of trades they trust.

How can you track time?

Find out if the designer has a history of running over schedule. Ask how you will be kept up to date.

How can you track budget?

How has your budget been worked out? Is it detailed and itemised? Is there room for contingencies? How will you track the budget and who pays for cost blow-outs?

What guarantees do they offer?

Find out how your designer checks the standard of work done on your project, and who is responsible for any issues that only show up later down the track – hint: It shouldn’t be you!

Are they up with current trends?

Home design Perth trends are forever changing. Right now punchy colours, eclectic furniture and opulence are where it’s at. Make sure your designer is keeping current. However regardless of trends your dream home Perth still has to be a reflection of you and your lifestyle. A good designer will ask lots of questions before drawing up a plan for any project. Make sure you provide detailed answers to those questions, to ensure you get the superbly designed space you’ve been dreaming of.

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