Luxury Home Builders In Perth Offer Clever Kitchen Space-Saving Ideas

Luxury Home Builders In Perth Offer Clever Kitchen Space-Saving Ideas

Many luxury home builders in Perth include pantries in their designs. Extra food and other items can be stored away, conserving valuable kitchen space. But having access to a pantry doesn’t necessarily eliminate space constraints.

If you have a lot of items to store, it pays to organise them in a way that maximises your pantry’s capacity. That, by extension, will give you additional room in your kitchen.

If you’re running out of room and are desperate for ideas, consider the suggestions below. Each one can open up additional storage space in your pantry. Together, they’ll help to ensure that your kitchen remains uncluttered and easier to work in.

Install Roll-Out Shelves For Easier Access

If your pantry has cupboards, they’re probably filled with dry foods, canned foods, cooking equipment, and various containers. Many of those items are likely difficult to reach. The further back they are in the cupboards, the harder they are to retrieve.

That’s the reason many homeowners install roll-out (or pull-out) shelves in their pantries. They can avoid struggling to reach food and equipment sitting in the dark recesses of their cupboards. Instead, they can pull out a custom-installed shelf, retrieve the things they need, and push the shelf back in. It’s much quicker and easier.

Hang Racks For Better Organisation

Many items are particularly difficult to organise and store. Some are shaped oddly and thus fit poorly among standard boxes and cans. Pots and pans are a good example. Other items are small and can easily be lost among larger ones.

An easy solution is to hang racks in your pantry. Use them to organise pots and pans and small containers. Hang the racks on the inside of your pantry door or off to the side from your ceiling. Either way, they’ll help you save valuable storage space. They’ll also prevent headaches you might otherwise suffer from not being able to find specific items in your pantry.

Explore Creative Shelving Arrangements

Don’t be content with standard shelving. Standard shelves are designed to cater to the masses, which means they do a poor job of accommodating the storage needs of individuals. Demand more from your pantry’s shelving. If you take the time to evaluate how you use your shelves, you can make simple modifications that will greatly expand your pantry’s storage capacity.

First, take a close look at the items that make up a large portion of your pantry. How tall are they? Do you have many items that are similarly sized – for example, spice containers?

Second, group items by height. Put short items in one group, medium-height items in another group, and tall items in yet another group. Then, measure how tall each shelf must be to accommodate the groups.

Third, after you’ve estimated the shelf heights you’ll need, consider building your own custom shelving. That will allow you to optimise how you use the space. Less space will be wasted due to inappropriate height specifications found in standard shelving.

Even if you’re an organisation enthusiast, you’re likely missing opportunities to optimise your pantry’s storage capacity. That means your kitchen may be in jeopardy of being overrun by clutter. National Homes and other luxury home builders in Perth design houses with pantries to help you conserve space in your kitchen. The key is knowing how to use the area to its fullest potential.

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