Own a Luxury Display Home Perth Without the Build Time!

Own a Luxury Display Home Perth Without the Build Time!

Display homes Perth are a showcase of the best a builder has to offer. Boasting cutting edge design and the most striking contemporary styling, they are built to impress. You can build yourself your own dream home inspired by these examples, or you can take the less obvious option…

Did you know that you can score yourself your very own designer home, hassle free, without the effort of building it yourself?

Buying a display home means you have the luxury of a never-before lived in home of the best quality, often fully furnished, without the stress of building. If you don’t intend on living in the home, buying displays can also be a great investment.

So how does the arrangement work? Most builders don’t want their capital tied up in displays. As these show homes often have a display life of no more than 3 years for home builders, once designs are completed the homes are offered to buyers at attractive terms, freeing up the builder’s capital to do other things. During the home’s display life the home builder Perth will lease the home off you with great returns at commercial rates, usually at around 7-8%.

As an added bonus, despite the commercial rent rates you will receive there is no added GST for you to pay as the property is still considered residential. The builder will make regular monthly payments to you, with no management fees and all the maintenance cared for by their contractors. You have a rental guarantee, with the home kept in immaculate condition and no added worry of the tenant from hell!

Once the leasing period with the builder is up, you can choose either to move in to the home, sell it onwards, or continue renting it on the open market. Should you decide to move in, the home will be released in new condition, with carpets and the like replaced if necessary, and you have the option of buying the furniture off the builder at a discounted rate. If you decide to take the property to rent on the open market you can continue seeking income from the home, however you should be aware that rent will drop to only 3-4% as is the norm for residential properties.

There are not an infinite number of display homes for sale on the market; buyers may have to join a waitlist or be faced with outbidding others. However, for the savvy buyer, purchasing a display home can be a fantastic means of instantly, and quite effortlessly, gaining a stunning, top of the range, designer home to live or invest in.

Our Signature Display Homes

Check out our Signature Display Homes and see how they’re all built in a specific way to make the most of the West Australian climate and give you the most for your money. What’s more, if you’re a first time buyer, we’ve explained all those complicated terms used in real estate.

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