Looking At New Homes In Perth With An Eye Toward Downsizing

Looking At New Homes In Perth With An Eye Toward Downsizing

Downsizing seems easy at first. It’s a simple matter of getting rid of things you no longer need nor want. You’ve been wanting to declutter for a while, so there’s no shortage of motivation.

But the actual downsizing process – moving from a large house into a smaller one – is more complicated than it seems. It takes a bit of upfront planning. Below, we’ll show you how to approach it. The following steps will help streamline your transition to a smaller luxury space, and minimise the headaches that can surface along the way.

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Step 1: Find Out How Much Space You Have To Work With

If you’re looking at building new homes in Perth, it’s important to know the amount of space you’ll be living in. Only then can you decide what you’ll be able to take with you and what you can live without.

How many rooms will your new house offer? How many square metres is available in each living space? Knowing the numbers ahead of time will make your transition smoother.

Step 2: Identify The Items You Want To Discard

Unless you’re a minimalist with few possessions, you’ll likely need to purge yourself of some stuff before moving into your new luxury home. Go through your house, room by room, and take an inventory. Identify those belongings that aren’t essential. This can be a very theaputic process.

Start with the big items, such as your furniture and major appliances. Keep in mind that big items can work well in small spaces. Don’t get rid of them just because of their size.

Step 3: Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Belongings

Once you’ve identified all of the items you want to get rid of, figure out how to do it. For example, you may want to give some of them to your friends and loved ones. Other items will be better off going to charity. Still others can be sold, either through a garage sale or by listing them on eBay or Gumtree.

Place colour-coded stickers on each item to signify how you’ll get rid of them. That way, you’ll avoid accidentally selling something you had meant to give to your friend.

Step 4: Look For Easy-To-Organise Storage Options

One of the keys to successfully downsizing your lifestyle and living happily in a smaller luxury home is having well-organised storage space available. The way you organise the space is just as important as the amount you have to use. Wall shelving is a fantastic solution since it helps to keep everything tidy and in one place.

Downsizing your lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality, comfort, or luxury. It just means simplifying your life. National Homes, one of Perth’s luxury home builders can help you make the transition to a gorgeous new home that complements your lifestyle.

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