House Design Plans Perth: Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

House Design Plans Perth: Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

A bedroom that promotes a flow of harmony and positive energy is a bedroom that is designed using Feng Shui principles. It lures you in with an inviting pull and promotes a prosperous and healthy life. To make your bedroom the perfect place to experience rest and relaxation, follow these simple Feng Shui tips:

perth bedroom feng shui tips

1. Keep the electronics in your living room or office. Televisions and computers in the bedroom work negatively against the positive flow of energy that you are trying to nourish.

2. Oxygen is vital for life. However, it does more for us than help us breathe. A room that is full of fresh air is an important part of the Feng Shui design. Open some windows daily or use an air purifier that is high quality. Stale air brings down your energy levels. Note that putting plants in your room are not recommended for Fung Shui design.

3. Be mindful of the colours you use in your bedroom. The recommended shades are known as skin shades. These can range from a pale peach to a chocolate brown. They are known for their ability to bring you a restorative nights sleep and balance out the entire décor.

4. Choose the right place for your bed. You should be able to get to it easily from both sides, and have a night stand on each side for good balance and grounding. The best placement is anywhere that it is not in a direct line with your bedroom door and against a strong supporting wall. Use a good mattress with a headboard and sheets with a high thread count. Natural fibers are best for the bedding.

5. Choose the proper lighting when building your Dream Home Perth. Having many lights in your room that can be adjusted for your specific needs is the best way to go. Light creates the most energy manifestation. Using candles also helps to create the perfect Feng Shui bedroom!

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