Home Trends – The Scullery

Home Trends – The Scullery

BGC has recognised the value of having a scullery as an alternative space for the preparation of food and has included it in two of its new displays.


A scullery was often considered a luxury addition in many big, old, English manor homes.

However two of BGC’s new displays are proving that sculleries are not just for the rich and famous – in fact, they are well within reach of today’s homebuyers.

The Ashwood by National Homes is the company’s latest display in Ellenbrook. The scullery, which is located behind the kitchen and adjacent to the laundry, is a convenient, practical place to store additional appliances and prepare the family meal, keeping the mess and mayhem contained and out of sight.

“Australians’ current passion for multicultural cuisine and culinary-focused activities has led us to look into revamping kitchen design for the modern family,” says BGC’s design manager Dusan Balbi.

“Culinary chaos can be hidden from guests who drop by at the last minute. Instead, the home exemplifies a clutter-free and orderly environment, where everything is in its place”.

According to Dusan, the scullery has been designed close to the laundry in the Ashwood in a move reflecting successful international designs.

“There designs incorporate the laundry and scullery to form a ‘utility area’ where all the messy householf tasks and appliances can be locked away out of sight.

The scullery can become a ‘wet kitchen’ for heavy-purpose cooking and cleaning away from view, while the “dry kitchen’ adjacent to living areas stays clean and easily maintained,’ Dusan says.

The Le Mans by Commodore Homes in Ellenbrook takes this multipurpose area to a new level of convenience.

“The scullery is also adjacent to the laundry in the Le Mans display, however it’s also located next to a large walk-in pantry and nearby to a walk-in linen closet,” Dusan says. Its design features plenty of under-sink storage and room for feature upgrades (such as larger ovens and additional cupboards).

Commodore Homes brand manager Andrew Shue says any areas that offer additional storage always prove popular. “The fact that Commodore homes have plenty of storage has always been commented on.

However, this multifunctional room is an added bonus and not something people expect. It’s definitely been a great selling point,” he says.

National Homes’ The Ashwood and Commodore’s Le Mans are both on display in Adlington Way, Lexia Display Village, Ellenbrook.

Click here to view The Ashwood.

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