Home Plans and Designs Perth: Fixtures and Finishings

Home Plans and Designs Perth: Fixtures and Finishings

Today’s new homes come complete with a full range of quality fixtures and finishings that set new standard for value, character and individuality.

New standards of sophistication are being achieved and are now accessible at any price point. Most new home builders offer a wide variety of standard inclusions, options and upgrades, so you can be sure you get exactly what you want right from the start.

Home Elevation

Quality features and finishes start from the very entry of your home. Rendering and feature cladding add a contemporary touch, as do grand entryways with solid, yet handsome front doors. Creative landscaping adds to the character of your home with attractive but easily maintainable gardens.


Large windows with bold designs and detail complement your street appeal and let a stream of light into your home. With recent window technology they also allow for energy efficiency. High ceilings also create a light, spacious feel to your house. Exposed timber beams, fenestration, plaster and cornice detail, bulkheads and sloped ceilings all add character and draw attention. Add skirting boards to turn attention to floor coverings that match the style and intended use of each of your rooms to additionally integrate the character you wish to create.


Kitchens are an ideal place to feature luxury-inspired details. With the myriad of different counter tops, sinks, tapwear, innovative storage solutions and premium quality appliances on offer any look imaginable is possible. And the same goes for bathrooms, with fixtures that are well designed, space saving or large and luxurious you can create a bathroom to fit perfectly with the needs of those living in your home.

Lighting and Wiring

Additionally, lighting features and smart wiring contribute to personalising your home. Lighting is integral to creating comfort in your home when working, relaxing, or setting different atmospheres or moods. Smart wiring adds a touch of high-tech pizazz with incredible home entertainment systems, security and telecommunication capabilities.

It find out more about the standard inclusions in a National Home view our display homes.

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