Home Designs WA: Five Simple Rules of Passive Solar Design

Home Designs WA: Five Simple Rules of Passive Solar Design

As our environmental awareness develops – and as power bills soar – more and more of us are searching for more intelligent ways to manage the energy usage of our homes.

Passive Solar design is one of the innovative methods National Homes has adopted to manage air flow, heat and energy use inside your home.

The five simple concepts behind passive-solar design are;

⁃ Orientation

⁃ Shading

⁃ Thermal mass

⁃ Insulation

⁃ Ventilation.

By paying attention to the orientation of your home on your block, and employing tree covers and other shades you can passively control the light and heat that your home absorbs.

National Homes also uses the right building materials and insulation to ensure your home stays cool in summer, and warm in winter – without reliance on power-hungry and environmentally damaging air-conditioners and heaters.

A well-designed home also uses carefully planned ventilation paths to help move air through your house, keeping it feeling fresh and cool in even the harshest Australian weather conditions.

Gone are the days of stuffy, stale rooms thrust together along a narrow hallway!

Australian building codes dictate a minimum distance of 20 metres between openings such as doors and windows, while careful placement of walls and doorways make sure airflow is not impeded.

The addition of ceiling fans is another low-cost way of improving air flow in your home, with a well-placed fan able to make a room feel 8 degrees cooler without using large amounts of energy.

National Homes pride ourselves on using innovative, environmentally friendly materials and construction methods to create a pleasant, energy-efficient home for you and your family.

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