Home Designers In Perth Prioritise Bathroom Safety Features

Home Designers In Perth Prioritise Bathroom Safety Features

If you’re like most homeowners, you spend a fair portion of each day in your bathroom. After all, that’s where you shower, fix your hair, and apply makeup.

Unfortunately, it’s also where accidents can occur. From small children gaining access to dangerous chemicals to seniors slipping and falling on wet surfaces, a home’s bathroom poses a risk of serious injuries.

It’s important to consider these risks when designing the bathroom for your new luxury home and ensure yours are appointed with the relevant quality safety features.

Read on for several safety features that are showing up in many of the top new home designs in Perth.

Shower Seat

As we head into our twilight years we can occasionally experience challenges with our balance. This can lead to injuries in the shower if you become disoriented and fall to the floor. A shower seat provides a space on which you can sit. Some even come with arm rests for added comfort.

The seat, simple and practical, can be designed to complement your bathroom’s other décor.a

Grab Bars

Grab bars improve the safety of moving around your bathroom. They can be installed directly into the wall, and used as support when getting into and out of your tub. If you have a glass shower (sans tub), the bars can be placed in the shower itself to provide an aid for supporting your weight.

The bars don’t have to stand out and call attention to themselves. They can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom’s fixtures.

Raised Toilet Seat

Seniors and those who have recently had surgery may have difficulty bending down to sit on the toilet or stand up from it. A simple solution is to install a raised toilet seat. It adds several inches to the standard seat height, making it easier for people to navigate.

Ceramic Tiles

Your bathroom floors likely see their fair share of water. For example, you might leave small puddles behind when you get out of the tub. Or you might inadvertently allow water to splash onto the floor when you wash your face at the sink. That can set the stage for a nasty slip and fall.

You might want to consider installing ceramic tiles in your luxury home design because they’re water-resistant. They’re less slippery, even when water has fallen on them.

Cabinet Locks

The storage area directly beneath your sink may be filled with cleaning solutions and other dangerous chemicals. If you have small kids in your home, these agents present a big risk. A child that’s left unsupervised may be able to gain access to them.

Install locks on the cabinets to prevent your children from opening them. That way, you can ensure their safety despite their curiosity.

Simple quality bathroom safety features are something to consider to help protect yourself and the ones you love from injury in your new luxury home design in Perth.

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