Home Design Perth Trend: Wallpaper

Home Design Perth Trend: Wallpaper

Wallpaper… At first thought your head might be clouded by images of the twee, musk-pink floral paper your grandmother has had covering the walls of her spare room for the entire duration of your lifetime. Think again- wallpaper is back with a vengeance and now in total contrast to Nan’s daggy walls can provide your room with an utterly cool facelift.

From eclectic prints, to enlarged digital photographs, to murals, to textured papers, and create-your-own-design varieties- you can get just about anything designed to paste onto your walls! Out-there prints can create exotic feature walls in place of other artwork, or more subdued designs can add some interest to an otherwise neutral painted room. Wallpapers are fantastic for kids’ rooms too, with an abundance of fun designs that transfer the pictures from their imaginations onto their bedroom walls. If you previously struggled to pick out paint colours, your decision has just got that much harder with so many beautiful options now available!

While wallpapers can be pricey, up to $200 a roll, it is recommended you get a professional to put it up for you. However, for those that are determined to tackle the task, here’s how we advise you go about it.

Start with a clean surface and be sure to have stripped off any old wallpaper. Cover and fill any lumps, bumps and holes so you have a nice flat wall to work with for best results. Remove electrical outlets and covers so you can more easily work around them- be sure to switch the main power off before going about this. Before getting started, wash your walls down with some sugar soap and rinse with clean water.

Next, calculate the total square area of your walls and make sure you’ve bought enough paper to cover, allowing for an extra 10 per cent more. Make a plumb line on each of your walls to be covered and line up the lengths of paper in accordance. Roll your paper out flat and measure its width and length. When marking where to cut your paper allow for an inch at the top and bottom to trim. With care, use a sharp razor blade and ruler to guide your cutting.

When mixing your adhesive, be sure to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Lying your paper face down, apply a smooth and even coverage of adhesive. Using too much will make your job harder and could make your paper stretch, tear or shrink if not applied properly. Also, do not prepare more than one sheet of paper at a time- if you want your job done well then there is no point in rushing it.

Start pasting at a focal point of the wall and work out from there. While corners may seem an obvious place to start, often they aren’t perfectly vertical so joins there can be more obvious. It also looks better when you wrap wallpaper through the corners and overlap adjoining pieces. Where you finish your work it is likely that the pattern may not match, so try to pick an unobtrusive place to tie up your ends.

Hang each piece from the top of the wall, in line with the plumb line, and remember to leave 5cm extra at each end for trimming. Smooth out from the middle to the top and bottom of the wall with a smoothing brush to avoid air bubbles. Trim the excess with the sharp razor blade again and remove any excess adhesive that may have squeezed out with a damp cloth. Continue this process until you have covered your wall and then you can set about enjoying your beautiful wall covering designs!

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