Home Builders Perth: Tips to make your home more secure

Home Builders Perth: Tips to make your home more secure

We all want to feel safe at home and here’s an easy and affordable list of ways to make your home more secure.


Light timers that switch on automatically when you are not home are cheap and easy to install. It can also help to have exterior lighting around the entry points of the home and any other potential break in spots. Motion sensor lighting is another option that works well to spook anyone who is somewhere they shouldn’t be.


There are a range of great options when it comes to alarms but make sure they are properly installed and maintained. Also decide whether you want the alarm to alert the police, an alarm security centre or just your neighbours.

Check your door locks:

It’s silly how simple it sounds but make sure all door locks are in good condition and do their job. Key-operated, two-cylinder deadlocks are best.

Sliding doors:

An easy DIY solution is to place a piece of wood into the track of sliding doors to limit movement and add extra security.


Don’t invite burglars by leaving windows that are visible to the public open. You can also add extra protection with a grill, screen or key-operated lock.


These can act as a big deterrent to burglars so make neighbourhood watch or alarm stickers visible. Although there are no guarantees, these simple tips will help minimise the risk and make your home more unattractive to potential burglaries.

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