Going green to reduce your yearly household costs

Going green to reduce your yearly household costs

The amount of energy that can be saved, simply by making a few small changes around your home will astound you. A recent study conducted by a State Government Agency gave home owners 200,000 reasons to go green in their homes, stating that investing in new green housing could save people hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 25-year mortgage.

Here are a few tips to help you go green which out spending a fortune.

Star rating

Improve the energy efficiency of appliances and products by choosing products that have a high star rating.

Turning off standby

When an appliance is in standby mode, it’s ready to use at any time. The appliance constantly wastes small amounts of power in standby mode, try turning appliances off at the wall. The highest users of standby power include your air conditioner, computer, DVD player, microwave and modem – so encourage your household to switch them off each day.

Solar Panels

The use of solar panels will utilise the power from the sun to generate energy. The energy that is produced will emit no greenhouse emissions and will create sustainable living. Sustainable living is a standard of living, which will allow us to sustain

To maximise the potential of your solar panel and save money, consider the following:

  • Only north-facing panels will produce their full capacity.
  • Turn off appliances and us the dishwasher when full
  • Purchase energy-efficiency appliances.
  • Electric hot water generally uses about 1/3 of the household power. Changing to solar hot water will substantially reduce your power bill.

Hot water systems

Hot water is used for a range of household activities and will account for a large portion of your costs.

An energy efficient hot water system, such as a solar hot water or electric heat pump system can reduce these costs. These systems use the sun’s power to heat your water, which means you’ll use less energy to heat the same amount of water, and also help the environment.

A few small changes around the home can reduce your household bills and help sustain the environment.

At National Homes we are committed to helping the environment and reducing energy costs. That’s why all our homes come standard with; a solar photovoltaic energy system, full eaves to all living areas, insulation to all living areas and garage, and (where possible) a gas boosted solar hot water system. Ask one of our New Home Design Consultants for details on building a 6-star, sustainable home.

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