Ex Display Home for Sale: Reclaim The Outdoors This Winter

Ex Display Home for Sale: Reclaim The Outdoors This Winter

Here in the sun blessed West, being outdoors is integral to our sense of community and family. It’s where we play, where we entertain and where we relax.

But when the winter months bite, the barbecue cover is dragged out, our outdoor spaces are spurned, and we say goodbye to our beloved patios, decks and pergolas for a few long weeks.

Instead of retreating indoors to hibernate this winter why not reclaim the outdoors we a few stylish solutions.

Out-door fire places and pizza ovens are great when it’s cold. Warm, friendly and cosy, they can add some flare to your backyard and are ideal for gathering family and friends around for pizza nights or Sunday roasts.

If you’re not into portable gas heaters alternatives like Aussie-made HEATSTRIP heaters have been developed to help open up outdoor entertaining spaces. It’s a sleeker, cheaper and cleaner solution that doesn’t intrude on the aesthetics of your garden or alfresco. Well-designed heaters can cost around 32c an hour to run – not bad when a 9kg gas bottle costs about $2.55 an hour. They also broadcast heat over a much greater area, and because you can arrange them around the perimeter of your patio and direct the heat inwards, you can more efficiently heat outdoor spaces.

Wood fires, fire pits or Chimineas are another great option. They combine warmth with the aroma of burning wood and flickering flames to create a welcome atmosphere.

Consider fitting bi-fold doors systems or shade covers to increase the comfort level in your alfresco area. The addition of soft furnishings or outdoor lounge settings also offer an inviting place to snuggle up. Think European and provide Merino Wool blankets to wrap around your shoulders as well!

Many of our native plants flower in winter, our gardens grow green and lush, and winter storms turn on stunning light shows. And what better way to spend winter than in a nice chair, with a glass of wine, sitting outside watching lightning strike in the distance.

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