Dream Display Home Perth: Modern Living

Dream Display Home Perth: Modern Living

A good home design reflects the demands of today’s lifestyles and requires an understanding of how people live in their homes. A functional floorplan; open plan living as well as separate living areas for time apart; a natural ambience; plenty of storage and kitchens that work are just some of the characteristics of modern home designs.

dream display home perth

Use Of Space: Whether your house is large or small you can still achieve the feel and characteristics of plenty of space. High ceilings, windows, large informal spaces and strong outdoor connections add spaciousness to visually extend your home.

Natural Light: One of the most sought-after attributes in a home’s interior is the presence of pure, clean, natural light. Every home’s interior feels more comfortable and inviting when illuminated by an abundance of sunlight.

Get Savvy With Your Storage: A new home is designed with plenty of built-in storage to eliminate clutter. Walk-in robes and extra large pantries; lots of shelving and built in areas for waste and recycling bins; floor to ceiling bookcases; linen closets, drawers, cupboards and shelving in the bathroom.

Work That Kitchen: With today’s open layouts, the quality and the finishing details of a new kitchen are done with careful attention to matching or complementing the surrounding spaces. Enjoy well-appointed, organised workspaces; attractive, separate eating areas; and great natural and built-in lighting.

Changing Lifestyles Calls For Changing Living Spaces: Sliding doors, pocket doors, and other types of movable partitions allow flexibility in living arrangements. Dedicated living and dining rooms are being replaced by large multi-purpose family areas. In addition, many houses include private rooms that can be used for office space or be adapted to a variety of specialised needs.

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