Display House Perth: Hot Trends In Fireplace Designs For New Homes

Display House Perth: Hot Trends In Fireplace Designs For New Homes

A fireplace not only warms up your new home but also adds an enticing, romantic ambience to your living room that only fire can bring.

Although the traditional wood burning log fireplaces are still extremely popular, the new gas burning models are gaining in popularity. With a range of sleek new designs from fire boxes that can be fitted into an existing fireplace and free -standing models there is a style of fireplace to suit every lifestyle and home.

But no matter what the style, your fireplace should be a dramatic feature in your new home – whether you prefer contemporary, traditional or full-on glam!

Here are some of the latest trends in fireplace designs:

1. Mirrors: The classic mirror-over-fireplace trick can reflect traditional or modern tastes, depending on which style of mirror you choose.

2. Drama: Get dramatic with a painted fireplace surround, glamorous black slate and an elegant wood mantel.

3. Mantel or no mantel: Forgo a mantel for the sleek look of stone all the way up to the ceiling. Or if you prefer a mantel, why not visit salvage stores and antiques shops for one-of-a-kind mantels that can be transformed with a bit of stain and polish.

4. Industrial meets modern: Add modern elements and merge with vintage 50’s and 60’s chic accessories to create an industrial feel. This style is reminiscent of the monochromatic design of the 80’s with an industrial feel where colour and accessories are added as an accessory.

5. Salvaged chic: Recycling or reusing materials is becoming extremely popular. Whether it is recycling wood products, spray painting or refinishing existing materials, it’s becoming very chic. The use of organic products such as bamboo, tiger wood, paneling, old planks and doors, natural stone, and organic paints, are also becoming increasingly popular as the trend in being environmentally responsible is becoming a necessity rather than an option.

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