Display Homes Perth: Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

Display Homes Perth: Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

As the chilly months of the year are starting to set in, if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get yourluxury home Perth ready for winter!

Simply blasting the heating and expecting to walk around your place in shorts and a t-shirt is neither practical nor efficient. With these tips you can keep warm and keep your energy bills to a minimum!

Install Insulation

It’s an obvious one, but the benefits may surprise you. Up to 35 per cent of heat loss from a house can be caused by an uninsulated ceiling! And not only will insulation keep your home warmer in winter, it also helps heating run more efficiently, while in summer months keeps heat out of your home and assists your air-conditioning systems.

Seal up Draughts

The tiny, seemingly harmless cracks around doorways and windows let in a surprising amount of cold air and can be serious sources of wasted energy. They can easily be sealed with weather stripping or caulk, or you could find yourself a good old door snake to block the pesky gap under a door. Additionally, close off doors to rooms you don’t use regularly- there is no point losing heat to rooms you’re not using!

Let in the Sun and Block out the Cold

Install some thick, insulating curtains to your windows. Especially in north-facing rooms, let the sun shine warmth into your home by opening your blinds in the day. As evening nears, draw them over to retain the heat and guard against the chill emitted from cold glass. When you turn your heater on, be sure to close windows, doors and curtains- a window can lose 10 times as much heat as an insulated wall!

Make Use of Your Green Thumb

It’s time to get out your secateurs and prune any trees and shrubs that are blocking light into your home. It is also useful to consider planting deciduous trees as these will provide you with much needed shade in summer, but will drop their leaves to provide you with winter sun in the middle of the year.

Get Cooking

The Aussie climate calls for barbeques outside so we don’t further heat up our homes with oven use in the summer months. However, there’s nothing like a good winter stew, home-made soup or freshly brewed cuppa to warm you up in winter. Hot food and drink warms you up from the inside, while using your oven and cooking up a storm heats up your kitchen and other adjoining rooms too!

Layer Up

Winter is the time to pull out your track pants, cosy sweaters and make yourself comfy. It’s winter after all, and you’ve spent the last 6 months in shorts and t-shirts, so layer up with long-sleeve tee’s, cardigans, knitted sweaters, socks and slippers. When you’re sitting on the sofa cuddle up under a blanket, sit back, put on a good movie, and enjoy the sound of the rain falling outside!

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