Designer Home Builder Perth: Block Orientation

Designer Home Builder Perth: Block Orientation

With rising power costs, and the recent introduction of six-star energy ratings for new homes Perth the old adage “location, location, location” is being joined by a new mantra – “direction, direction, direction”!

The orientation of your home on your block is vital to not only maximising your living space, but to make sure your home is the most comfortable and energy efficient it can be.

Most times the orientation of your home revolves around the sun. We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, just as we know that in Australia the sun traces a slightly northern pass over the earth. (Of course, north of the equator the sun is strongest in the south).

That means that the northern side of your home will get the most consistent sun all year round, while the eastern and western sides are bombarded with UV rays in the morning and the afternoon.

East and West

To keep your home cool in summer it’s important to minimise the areas which are exposed to direct sunlight. These should be the narrowest sides of your home, with small windows.


The south side of any block is always slightly cooler than the north. It’s for this reason the south is a great place to place any bedrooms, as they’ll stay cooler in the summer months. An added bonus is they’ll stay slightly darker year round, making that Sunday sleep-in a little easier!


The north side of your home is where the action is. Because it is sun-soaked year round, this is where most modern builders place living areas like dining and family rooms. In summer, full and wide eaves, plus awnings and natural shades like trees keep your home from growing too hot.

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