Demolish and Build Perth

Demolish and Build Perth

What do you do when the kid’s school is down the road, you’re friends with all your neighbours, and you host the annual street barbecue – but the kids have grown too old to share a room?

Starting all over again is expensive and disruptive, but there are other options.

When relocation is out of the question but the walls are closing in, it’s time to make a decision – Renovate your existing house or knockdown and rebuild Perth your family home to exactly suit your needs.

It’s a decision that only you can make, so lets look at some of the pros and cons.

A renovation will allow you to remain in the house while you rebuild, can be cheaper than a rebuild, and there are often less issues with council permits and regulators.

However there are some pitfalls. For a worthwhile renovation project, ask yourself;

⁃ Will the increase in value outweigh the cost of renovations?

⁃ Will the end result be enough to accommodate your ever-changing family needs?

⁃ Will your home still need major work down the road?

Temporary rent, council fees and demolition costs can deter some households from taking the plunge and starting afresh with a new home, but as with renovations, there are some benefits.

⁃ Modern homes have built in energy conversation like insulation to reduce ongoing expenses

⁃ You can be sure your home is suited to your needs

⁃ You get a more modern, fresh home with all the mod cons, ready to go

⁃ A builder can often complete a new building quicker than a major home renovation

⁃ You can build all or some of the new home yourself saving you money

⁃ You don’t have to live in a construction zone!

So what will you do when the time comes to change?

If you choose to demolish and rebuild, National Homes can help create the ideal home to suit your unique lifestyle. We have an innovative range of designs which can be tailored to suit you and personalised, so everything is just right. We’ve even adopted a one-stop approach to the knockdown and rebuild process. From coordinating the demolition of your old house to the design and construction of your new home, our experience team of professionals will aim to make the transition as smooth a possible for you. When you have the option to live where you love and live in your dream home Perth, the choice is easy. Talk to the dedicated team at National Homes today.

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