Ceiling Options In New Homes

Ceiling Options In New Homes

Gone are the days of the ceiling as an afterthought when building a house. Instead, ceilings are now recognised as a crucial part of integrated home designs. National Homes understand the ceiling’s central role in completing a room. A quality ceiling can add light, space, and personality, and should never be neglected in a home design.

Tray Recessed Ceiling

A tray ceiling takes your typical flat ceiling literally a step above, with a recessed rectangular centre. The recessed portion of a tray ceiling is often complimented with light fixtures and can be painted in a contrasting colour to add drama to a room’s appearance. Tray ceilings can also make a room seem larger than it is because of the difference in height between the recessed and flat portions. Homebuyers looking for a way to make a striking hallmark in a living or dining room should consider this option in new home designs. Perth homebuilders can work with you to design a tray or recessed ceiling that makes a statement by maximising light and space.

Coffered Ceilings

A coffered ceiling includes a series of sunken panels, often square in shape. These recessed panels are supported by beams. Coffered ceilings improve accoustics and provide an illusion of height, with sylish dimension. When you walk into a room graced with a coffered ceiling, you’re immediately struck by its commanding presence and flair.

Dropped Ceiling

A dropped or suspended ceiling, in which a metal grid hangs by wires from underlying beams, can offer many advantages to both a home buyer and luxury home designers. Perth home builders know that you may need to eventually access the mechanics, such as wiring, duct work, and plumbing, that are a part of your home. When these are tucked away behind a dropped ceiling, repairs and upgrades can easily be made. In addition, should the ceiling be altered through inclement weather or other water damage, the affected ceiling tile is easily removed and replaced without the sanding, painting, and other preparation required with drywall.

Be sure to think about ceilings as you consider designing your new home. Perth luxury home buyers know that the ceiling is a central part of each room, with great potential to add drama, light, and personality.

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