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The interior trends you want to try in 2019

Posted on February 7, 2019 in Blog , Home Inspiration

The interior trends you want to try in 2019

Your home is your playpen. It’s where you get to stamp your personality, unleash your creativity and have fun. Don’t think of your interiors as a static canvas-–it feels good to freshen things up and try out new looks. Here are some easy and affordable ways to stay on trend while staying true to your style.

Colours to soothe the soul

Blame it on the 24-hours new cycle, or our crazy busy lives, but there’s never been a greater need for home to be a safe and cosy refuge. In 2019, we’re craving tranquil, calming colours to help us kick back and relax. Think mellow mint or soothing sage, complemented by natural tones of sand and tan. For colour palette inspiration, take a leisurely drive through a shade-dappled South West forest – see, you feel calmer even thinking about it.

An easy way to bring in colour is with your soft furnishings. A new duvet cover, scatter cushions for the sofa, rugs or a throw. Feeling more adventurous? A weekend of painting will bring your living room or bedroom right up to date.

Outside In

We don’t just crave muted forest colours, we crave an indoor forest. The indoor plant trend is … no pun intended … only growing. To create interest and texture, cluster a collection of plants together (odd numbers always work better than even) rather than dotting them around the house. Group together a mix of plant heights and sizes. Play with the textures of the planters and holders. Woven baskets not only inject texture into a room, they make it easier to move plants around – for optimum plant health you’ll want to give them all a rotation by a natural light source.

Sustainable, handmade pieces

Which brings us to trend number three: sustainable materials. In keeping with our need to feel grounded and in touch with the earth, we’ll be seeing more handmade pieces made from organic sustainable materials in our interiors. Technology may rule our lives, but we want to feel connected to nature in our homes. In addition to a jute or raffia woven plant holder, try carved wooden bowls, wooden lamp fittings, woven placemats or even hall runners. For design inspo, you don’t need to look any further than our Desert Point display home in Aveley. It’s a master class in styling sustainable pieces with contemporary style.

Curves ahead

Even furniture design is reflecting that in 2019, we all want a huge feel-good hug. Rounded edges and organic shapes that cocoon and embrace are replacing the more stark, simple lines of minimalism. Stay ahead of the design curve with a cosy corner chair, or circular rug, footstool or coffee table.

Kondo is Mondo

Marie Kondo’s ‘spark joy’ philosophy is catching on like a bonfire. We’re cleaning out the clutter to create breathing space for the items that really make us smile. Home should be your happy place, so go ahead and highlight your special pieces – regardless of whether they’re on trend or off. It’s your place – don’t be afraid to make it reflect your personality.

With National Homes, you get one of a kind experiences to help turn your house into a home. Our dedicated team our interior designers that will help you bring the latest trends into your design while balancing your own sense of style to make your new place a modern refection of your dream home.


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