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Add some 5-Star luxury to your home

Posted on May 28, 2019 in Blog , Get Inspired

Add some 5-Star luxury to your home

It’s always nice to come home after a nice holiday, but wouldn’t it be nice to bring some of that luxury back with you? Whether, it’s a beautiful Bali resort or a 5-star countryside getaway, you can add that premium hotel feel to your home easily by making a few upgrades around your home. And as the saying goes: this type of change really is as good as a holiday.

​Get some fancy new threads!

There is nothing quite like waking up in a hotel bed and feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud. So why not bring that that same luxury to your own home? We’re telling you its definitely worth it!

​Go out and get yourself some really nice bedding. Egyptian Cotton. The highest thread count you can afford. And don’t feel guilty about it or like you’re splurging… you spend a third of every day in bed (if you’re lucky), so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. Great linen isn’t a luxury, it just feels like it. Now complete your luxury bedding ensemble with some king-sized pillows and high-quality doona. And while you’re at it, get some fluffy hotel quality robes and you’ll forget your holiday ever ended.

Now for the rest of your room! Accessorise with some quality cushions and some silk curtains. You’ll be amazed at the difference some long, flowy drapery can make to your room.

Appeal to all your senses.

One of the most relaxing moments of going to a spa is walking in and getting that waft of sandalwood goodness that immediately lets you know that it is time to relax.

Well, here’s the thing: you can enjoy that relaxing bouquet every day by picking up an electronic aroma diffuser. They come in a variety of styles that is sure to match your decor and you can experiment with different oils to find the most relaxing and pleasant one for you.

​Turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

After a long day at work, what’s better than having a beautiful bathroom to unwind in and inevitably become your favourite retreat. Nothing brings you back to being on holiday that having some uninterrupted time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate.

Yes, the bathroom is your sanctuary that will keep you from running away from home, so make it special. First off, get some spa-inspired lotions, soaps and bath bombs. Your local salon or spa should have some high-quality products that are organic and feel and smell amazing. Splurge on some huge fluffy towels and don’t forget to invest in a warming rack that will keep them toasty warm.

Glass jars make a stylish, yet functional piece for storing all your bathroom needs like cotton swabs or bath salts. Some wicker baskets will keep all the clutter away and keep things looking as luxurious as it feels. And for an added bonus, keep decanter and a bottle of premium mineral water so you won’t have to travel far for any of the necessities.

Become a coffee snob.

Life is too short for average coffee. Don’t subject yourself to instant or those wasteful pods – get yourself a nice coffee machine, french press, or percolator and some premium beans.

Keep a dedicated spot in your kitchen or scullery with your whole setup and some stylish canisters to store everything in. ​Waking up, grinding the beans, frothing the milk and giving yourself two shots of the good stuff will elevate your morning coffee ritual into something you’ll actually enjoy.

At National Homes, prepare to experience the premium indulgence of a 5-star holiday every day in your new home. With our luxury inclusions and a few additional upgrades, every day will feel like you are waking up in your favourite hotel.

Happy staycation!

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