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Perth Luxury Homes Offer Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

Eco-friendly flooring is made from materials that come from a sustainable source.


Perth Home Designs: Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Splashback

Cooking is messy work. Despite one's efforts to keep surrounding surfaces clean, remnants - both food and liquid forms - inevitably end up on nearby walls.


Sliding, Bifold, Stacked Doors For New Homes In Perth

When designing a new home, Perth homebuyers should know that interior doors make a big impression. Homeowners need to consider space, access, frequency of use, and personal style when choosing doors. Here we’ll look at some options that exist in addition to the standard interior doors.


Seasonal Garden Maintenance Enhances New Homes In Perth

As summer comes to a close, it's time to get your garden ready for autumn. Garden experts recommend thorough maintenance to keep your garden looking gorgeous through all seasons, because a well-kept landscape helps highlight the beauty of new homes. In Perth, gardeners should start tidying up summer growth to prepare for the season ahead. Autumn is also a great time to add new plants, as soil is still warm so root growth can get a head-start on winter.


Home Designers In Perth Prioritise Bathroom Safety Features

If you're like most homeowners, you spend a fair portion of each day in your bathroom. After all, that's where you shower, fix your hair, and apply makeup.


Working With Home Builders In Perth To Demolish And Rebuild Your Home

Suppose you want a bigger home. Maybe your children, once small and able to share a room, are grown and no longer able to do so. Perhaps your in-laws are now living under your roof, making your house feel cramped. Or maybe you've accumulated a large number of belongings and need a place to store them.


Ceiling Options In New Homes

Gone are the days of the ceiling as an afterthought when building a house. Instead, ceilings are now recognised as a crucial part of integrated home designs. Perth luxury homebuilders understand the ceiling's central role in completing a room. A quality ceiling can add light, space, and personality, and should never be neglected in a home design.


Optimum Lighting For New Home Designs: Perth Homebuyers Maximise Beauty With Proper Lighting

In modern homes, lighting is no longer simply about function, but is a central part of a quality design plan. Proper lighting can make or break a room, changing drab and dark to warm and cosy. Take a look at your options in lighting in new home designs. Perth homebuyers can take their new homes to the next level with great lighting.


New Homes In Perth Offer A Perfect Downsizing Solution

You may have spent the better part of your adult life thinking that a bigger house meant you were doing something right. As your career blossomed, your salary grew. Along the way came the trappings of success: nicer vehicles, better schools for your kids, and yes, a larger home.


Looking At New Homes In Perth With An Eye Toward Downsizing

Downsizing seems easy at first. It's a simple matter of getting rid of things you no longer need nor want. You've been wanting to declutter for a while, so there's no shortage of motivation.


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