Bathrooms – so much more than hygiene!

The bathroom used to be a purely functional element and a necessity to every home – but not any more. Trends of 2015 are moving more towards a multi-functional room. It’s no longer all about hygiene, but a place to relax and escape.


New Year, New home

Has the start of a new year got you excited about buying a new home? If you’re looking for a luxury home in Perth at an affordable price, 2015 is your year. The quality you expect from National Homes now comes with incomparable value with the new QV Series starting at just $205,990. These packages give you the chance to create your dream home without the enormous price tag. The QV Series offers a choice of flexible designs and interchangeable elevations, plus a list of impressive inclusions as standard, the only question is – which QV are you?


Enjoy Taste Of Bali Every Day

The Chalina’s resort vibe deliberately calls on the easy and seamless style of a chilled-out Balinese villa.


Stonework Features Perfect for Corner Block

Raked ceilings, stone feature walls and timber accents lend something of a ski-lodge feel to this luxurious home.


Get The Home You Want On A Narrow Block

Narrow blocks are becoming increasingly common in and around Perth. As land prices rise and demand for housing near city centres remains high, land owners are trying to maximise the use of space on blocks. Sometimes existing lots are divided in two. Sometimes developers create smaller parcels on undeveloped land than they may have in years past. The end result is much narrower lots than most have come to expect, some as small as 10m wide.


Luxury Homes In Perth Under $200,000 From National Homes

PERTH, AUSTRALIA –Luxury homes in Perth that are both family- and budget-friendly are hard to find. But not at National Homes. The Perth area home builder has found the trick to designing homes that today’s buyers love. This is most evident in their Signature and Inspiration Series of home designs, some of which start under $200,000.


Luxury Homes In Perth Offer Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

Eco-friendly flooring is made from materials that come from a sustainable source. Obtaining them doesn’t diminish their long-term supply. In addition, the installation process involves minimal use of products that are harmful to the environment.



Home Designs In Perth: How To Choose A Kitchen Splashback

Cooking is messy work. Despite one’s efforts to keep surrounding surfaces clean, remnants – both food and liquid forms – inevitably end up on nearby walls. It’s inescapable. That’s why luxury homes in Perth are designed with splashbacks. They do much more than merely add colour and style to your kitchen. They protect the walls from unsightly messes and damage.


Natural airflow keeps kids cool

The Radisson display by National Homes has been designed to accommodation modern family living while also achieving a good result in terms of energy efficiency.



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